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TAFE at and after school

You don't need to have finished school to begin studying at TAFE Queensland SkillsTech. We have thousands of school students embarking on study for their trade career with us every year, so you won't be alone.

If you have recently completed high school and are looking for a pathway into an apprenticeship or university, we can help you too. Check out which courses you can study while you're still at school or view our 2018 TAFE at School Guide.

School Students

At TAFE Queensland SkillsTech, high school students have the opportunity to study trade and technical courses by either undertaking a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SAT) or by undertaking a Certificate I or II or what we call a TAFE at School program.

SATs work for an employer one or two days a week and are signed up as an apprentice or trainee. They come to TAFE to study for approximately 4 weeks per year, usually during the school holidays. Any training completed as a SAT will contribute towards the completion of the apprenticeship. When a SAT finishes school, they then become a full or part-time apprentice and become qualified in their trade sooner.

TAFE at School programs are a little different. You don't need an employer but you undertake either a Certificate I or II in your chosen trade. We offer them in carpentry, electrical and automotive to name a few. You complete the study either at TAFE or at school, (depending on the arrangement) one or two days per week. TAFE at School Programs give you credit towards an apprenticeship and may help you find a job.

Both SATs and TAFE at School programs allow you to gain:

  • practical hands-on training
  • valuable employability skills
  • credit towards a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)
  • credit towards further study

In order to undertake a SAT, first you need an employer to take you on as an apprentice or trainee. Talk to your schools VET Coordinator about possible options.

If a TAFE at School program sounds more like you, your school's VET Coordinator can tell you if you're eligible, what programs we have on offer and how to nominate. View our 2018 TAFE at School Guide.

School Leavers

School leavers can study pre-apprenticeship courses (Certificate I and II) or higher level programs (Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma) either full or part-time.

Pre-apprenticeship training gives students an understanding of an industry's work environment and the opportunity to learn basic skills that will assist them to gain an apprenticeship.

Studying a higher level program may provide a pathway to university.

Information for VET Coordinators and School Staff

You can contact our Schools Liaison Unit regarding:

  • obtaining printed versions of our 2018 TAFE at School Guide
  • the nomination and enrolment process
  • booking a TAFE Queensland SkillsTech representative to present at your school or event
  • information regarding school-based apprenticeships
  • any questions or issues regarding students in our programs.

Phone: 07 3244 0341