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VET Student Loan Schedule of Fees

Building and construction courses - Schedules of fees

  • CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
  • CPC50308 Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)
  • CPP50911 Diploma of Building Design
  • CPC50612 Diploma of Hydraulic Services Design

Engineering courses - Schedules of fees

  • MEM50212 Diploma of Engineering - Technical
  • MEM60112 Advanced Diploma of Engineering

Electrotechnology courses - Schedules of fees

  • UEE50111 Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering
  • UEE50511 Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • UEE60211 Advanced Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • UEE62111 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Electrical)
  • UEE62211 Advanced Diploma of Electrical (Engineering)
  • UEE51211 Diploma of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering