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About apprenticeships and traineeships

TAFE Queensland SkillsTech provide apprentice and trainee training in automotive, building and construction, electrical, engineering and more. In fact, we train the largest number of apprentices in the state. You can be sure we know our stuff!

Apprenticeships - What are they anyway?

In order to become a qualified tradesperson, you must typically undertake an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships allow you to gain skills for a trade qualification by working for an employer while earning a wage at the same time. They can be full or part-time and can even be commenced while you complete grade 10, 11 or 12.

The outcomes of an apprenticeship are lifelong. Once you are qualified in your trade, you can begin earning an attractive wage and can even embark on higher level study to advance your career prospects or gain credit for university.

The typical time it takes to complete an apprenticeship is four years, however as an apprenticeship is self-paced, it's also possible to complete in half that time.

Apprentices are required to undertake some formal training with a registered training provider such as TAFE Queensland SkillsTech. Apprentices continue to earn their normal wage while they undertake training.

If travel is your thing, Australian apprenticeship qualifications are nationally recognised, meaning that there is little to no upskilling required to work as a qualified tradesperson from state to state. In most countries, Australian-qualified tradespeople are held in high regard, so if you plan on working abroad, having completed an Australian apprenticeship can make all the difference to gaining a working visa and finding a job.

How do I become an apprentice?

So you want to be a master of skills, earn an enviable salary and rule the world? We can help you with two of those things.

The pathways to gaining an apprenticeship are many and may include a pre-apprenticeship course or other preliminary study or training.

We offer pre-apprenticeship programs in numerous trade areas and these are also available to school students. They take around six months to complete if studied full-time or one to two years if you are still at school. Training is undertaken at one of our training centres and you don't need an employer.

By completing a pre-apprenticeship, you gain credit towards an apprenticeship, typically shortening the term by a year. As a part of the program you learn practical on-the-job skills and how to apply for a job. We even link you with employers looking to take on an apprentice. How good is that?

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If you're ready to start your apprenticeship now, our Find an Employer service will help you get there even sooner. It's easy and completely free. Simply click below to register.

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Learn more about apprenticeships

We are here to guide you on your journey to become an apprentice and train with us.

Contact us or visit the Queensland Government apprenticeships info website if you want to find out more.