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Apprentice training

Advance your engineering career with this Apprenticeship training. Competencies can be drawn from three broad engineering streams: mechanical, electrical / electronic and fabrication, as well as other streams within the competency standards. Course details

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Acacia Ridge, Eagle Farm

Key dates and info


Workplace/TAFE: up to 4 years / Varies

Course details

1800 654 447

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How to enrol

Key dates

Acacia Ridge Any time Varies Workplace/TAFE
Eagle Farm Any time Varies Workplace/TAFE

Entry requirements

Students must be employed as an apprentice and have a signed Registered Training Contract, stating TAFE Queensland SkillsTech is the Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO).

The Queensland Government's Apprenticeships Info website provides information about apprenticeships and traineeships (including school-based) in Queensland.

For further information about probationary periods for this trade qualification, visit Queensland Training Information Service.


Acacia Ridge
247 Bradman St
Acacia Ridge QLD 4110

Eagle Farm
776 Kingsford Smith Drive
Eagle Farm QLD 4009

Resources required

Personal protective equipment:

  • eye protection - clear safety glasses - (tinted or sunglasses not acceptable). These must confrom to the Australian Standard AS 1336 or 1337
  • protective footwear - covered uppers, steel capped toes and non-slip shoes to AS2210
  • hand protection – long leather gloves to AS2161
  • hair protection - long hair (i.e. hair below collar length) must be restrained (hat, headband, or hair tie)
  • protective clothing (100% cotton drill) overalls or long cotton trousers and a long sleeved cotton shirts are required to be worn at all times when undertaking practical training

Please Note: Additional specialist protective clothing/Personal Protective Equipment may be required for certain activities. This will be identified by Safety Signage and Instruction from teacher.

Students failing to meet these minimum standards of dress will not be permitted entry in to practical classes.

Materials list:

  • calculator (scientific)
  • pencil HB
  • eraser
  • notebook
  • pen
  • sharpener


TAFE Training

The most traditional training method for apprentices and trainees delivered in our purpose-built, practical and theoretical classrooms.

Acacia Ridge and Eagle Farm

  • 6 stages of 2-4 week blocks full time at TAFE throughout the 4 year apprenticeship.
  • Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
  • A Client Liaison Officer will contact employers to confirm attendance and progression of their apprentice.

Important Information

Year 12 graduates start trade training fee free, here’s how.

To be eligible to access fee-free training, you must:

  • have completed Year 12 in Queensland and hold a Senior Statement issued by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority or equivalent certificate that confirms you have completed Year 12 in Queensland

  • enrol and start training with an approved training provider by the end of the calendar year following the completion of Year 12

  • live permanently in Queensland.

    For more information call TAFE Queensland SkillsTech on 1800 654 447 or visit Training Queensland.

Federal incentives may be available for employers, apprentices and trainees. Visit the Australian Apprenticeship Centre for more information.


The successful achievement of this qualification requires you to complete all units listed on your individual training plan.

Stage 1A
MEM12023A Perform engineering measurements Mandatory
MEM14004A Plan to undertake a routine task Mandatory
MEM18001C Use hand tools Elective
MEM12024A Perform computations Mandatory
MEM15024A Apply quality procedures Mandatory
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology Mandatory
MEM20001A Produce keys Elective
Stage 1B
MEM13014A Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment Mandatory
MEM20002A Assemble and test lock mechanisms Elective
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Mandatory
MEM15002A Apply quality systems Mandatory
MEM16006A Organise and communicate information Mandatory
MEM20006A Maintain and service mechanical locking devices Elective
Stage 2A
MEM20007A Plan and prepare a masterkey system Elective
MEM20014A Perform a site security survey Elective
PRSTS317A Provide estimate and quote Elective
MEM20004A Gain entry Elective
MEM18003C Use tools for precision work Elective
Stage 2B
MEM18002B Use power tools/hand held operations Elective
MEM20003A Install and upgrade locks and hardware Elective
MEM14005A Plan a complete activity Mandatory
MEM20005A Install and maintain door control devices/systems Elective
Stage 3
MEM20011A Service and repair fire and security containers Elective
MEM05004C Perform routine oxy acetylene welding Elective
MEM05006B Perform brazing and/or silver soldering Elective
MEM05007C Perform manual heating and thermal cutting Elective
MEM05012C Perform routine manual metal arc welding Elective
MEM05050B Perform routine gas metal arc welding Elective
MEM11011B Undertake manual handling Elective
MEM20009A Gain entry and reinstate fire and security containers Elective
MEM17003A Assist in the provision of on the job training Mandatory
MEM20012A Service and repair mechanical automotive locking systems Elective
MEM20010A Gain entry and reinstate automotive locking systems Elective
MEM20013A Service automotive transponder systems Elective
Stage 4
ICTTC136B Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACA Restricted Rule Elective
MEM16007A Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment Mandatory
PRSTS202A Install security equipment/system Elective
PRSTS303A Test installed security equipment/system Elective
PRSTS302A Program security equipment/system Elective
PRSTS304A Commission/decommission security equipment/system Elective
PRSTS307A Maintain and service security equipment/system Elective
PRSTS305A Identify and diagnose electronic security equipment/ system fault Elective
PRSTS319A Modify and repair security equipment/system Elective
MEM20008A Develop and implement a masterkey system Elective


Please note prerequisites / corequisites exist for this unit. For more information contact the Client Service Centre on 1800 654 447. For a full description of this course visit the Training Website.

Eligible apprentices and trainees that meet the Queensland state funding requirements will be charged a student contribution fee of $1.60 per nominal hour. For more information on the number of units funded for this course visit Queensland Training Information Services.

Nominal hours for each unit will be outlined in the agreed training plan, which will be provided to the employer and apprentice or trainee, at the time of induction.

Non-funded apprentices and trainees will be charged a fee for service cost. The student and employer contribution fee will be outlined in the training place and agreed to, prior to the commencement of training.

For more information about the costs associated with undertaking an apprenticeship, please give us a call.

Additional Costs

There are no additional costs to study this course.


On successful completion of this course you receive a MEM40105 - Certificate IV in Engineering - Engineering trade qualification.

Job prospects

  • Engineering Technologist

Are you ready to enrol?

If you are already employed as an apprentice or trainee, let your employer know that you want TAFE Queensland SkillsTech to be your Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO). Contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre to organise your training contract, then give us a call.

If you aren't employed yet, contact Australian JobSearch or a job service agency for help getting a job. Alternatively, contact us on 1800 654 447 for further information on how we can help you make great happen.

To assist students with their career and educational goals, TAFE Queensland SkillsTech offers a range of support services, including Literacy, Numeracy, Tutorials & in-class support. If you would like further information or to make an appointment please phone 1800 782 000.

Read the student rules and refund policy.

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning

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Note: All information was accurate at time of publication, however TAFE policies, tuition fees and course content is subject to change without notice. Course commencement is dependent on sufficient enrolments.

Last updated on 5 June 2017

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